Top 5 Project Management Tools for Working Remote

Constantly communicating with your team and project managers through email can get messy fast. For your next project try looking into these management tools and how they can increase your productivity while working from home.


Named after the yoga pose and co-founded by Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moscovitz, this platform celebrates tasks done with rainbows and unicorns. Literally. This project management powerhouse lets you and your team organize, track and manage tasks. Asana’s “to-do list” feature lets you set crystal clear tasks, goals and timelines in an easy-to-manage fashion. When you assign someone a task and they complete it, unicorns fly onto the screen with rainbows. Some say it’s worth it just for that.


Like Office 365 to G Suite, Monday rivals Asana in ways only the most project loving fanatic notices and cares deeply about. Monday has colorful boards to keep track of all things “project”, including who owns it and who’s only in the loop. Create your own color-coordinated system so projects and tasks are tracked, measured and done. Rainbows not included.


Speaking of remote work, Basecamp wrote the book on it, “Remote: Office Not Required”. Written by Basecamps’ co-founders, who built the company with remote workers only, know a thing or two about managing projects efficiently. Used by millions and millions, Basecamp positions themselves as the “all in one toolkit for working remotely”. I’m convinced. See for yourself. While you’re at it, check out their other brilliant books here.


When it comes to straight-up “task management” Trello might just be your preferred choice. Trello is great for managing teams, tracking tasks, and getting your work done, one assignment at a time.


This beast of a platform is designed for web design and mobile app development teams. InVision puts the whole design process in your full control: from prototyping to versioning to client/team feedback. Goodbye storyboards, hello InVision.

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