Top 5 Collaboration Tools for Working Remote

When working remotely it can be quite a challenge sometimes to communicate with your team effectively. Here are some of the tools we recommend that are sure to step up your workflow.

When Slack stepped onto the scene back in 2013, they touted themselves as the “email killer”, which worked well for them. Currently valued at $21 Billion, Slack is used by many millions of remote workers, from startups to enterprise teams, to communicate internally.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is designed for teams of all sizes. You’ll use it for your internal chats, meetings, files and apps, live all in a single professional workspace.

Dropbox started as a simple solution for sharing files online. Now, they’re more frequently used and favored as a way to backup files, for extra protection. You can use Dropbox to keep your documents and files in one place, or for more backup when needed.

Need to share something on your screen with a colleague instantly? Use CloudApp for screen sharing, video creation, and even GIFs from any device. As you might have guessed, all of this is via cloud. CloudApp uploads your chosen files to the cloud for you to then share with your team.

The next time you want to show a workflow or concept as a visual process, use Lucidchart. You can also use it to visualize your own brainstorms into a step-by-step flow.

If you have any questions about office software and how you can boost your workflow feel free to Contact Us, we’d be more than happy to help.

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