Active Body, Happy Mind

We (the team at Innovated) were having an online meeting last week and the topic of “how everyone was coping with being at home all the time” came up.

This quickly turned into a conversation about physical exercise and how much we’re likely missing out on given these circumstances.

Before all this happened we were at least getting exercise on our commutes to the office, or when grabbing lunch, or even walking over to talk to a coworker. Long story short we were moving a lot more than we are now.

We then went on to talk about the exercise routines everyone was doing to stay healthy and came up with a few tips and resources to share. Hopefully you find this useful!

Now let’s dig into having the mindset, body and heart of a remote superstar.


Here’s something you already know: Physical movement = happiness.

According to a 2010 study, participants who went through an 8-week yoga and meditation intensive reported having significant reductions in perceived stress.

You’ve heard of “runner’s high” and “yoga high” for a reason. By definition, working from home as well as being inside most of the day, means limited physical movement.

Get ahead of it by creating for yourself a physical routine, right inside your home. News flash – your body is all you need for a full on workout. You can always add some simple equipment. If a monk can master sitting all day, you can too.

TIP #1 – Keep it Simple

Most humans lose out on achieving “small wins” by turning them into “massive projects”. If working out at home is new, keep it simple without overdoing it. Baby steps always work.

For the pros in the room, now is a great time to uplevel your game, one baby step at a time.

TIP #2 – Too Hard? Get a Partner

If you can’t stick to a plan, get a partner. This can be your spouse, partner, child, neighbor or remote friend, if need be. Often, in these cases, 1 + 1 = 3. “3”, in this case being the achievement of your goal.

TIP #3 – Stick to It Like Glue

A friend of mine had a basketball coach in high school. The coach used to refer to 1:1 defense, where he had to guard one person “like glue”. Stick to your workout plan in the same way. When commitment is your friend, victory is near.


  1. Beachbody (workouts from aerobics, pilates, dance, muscle, yoga, anything)
  2. Yogaworks (from beginner to advanced, you’ll find what your spirit needs)
  3. 7 At-Home Workout Routines (free!)
  4. Aaptiv (thousands of voice-guided workouts at your fingertips)

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