It’s not just necessary tools you need to worry about while working from home.

Working from home can be tough to say the least. Not only is it a challenge to find work arounds for the necessary tools you’re used to having in the workplace, there’s all types of distractions at home. These distractions tend to weigh on our focus, hinder our abilities to prioritize, and greatly effect productivity. I stumbled across this article in an email that seemed to help with this a bit. LINK BELOW.

In saying that if you are having hardware or software issues with your PC or Mac at home, we have the services to help. Whether it be a simple upgrade to speed up your machine, affordable data backup and virus protections plans, or machine replacements. Quality service at a competitive rate is guaranteed.

Stay Safe and Stay at Home 🙂

The idea of slowly and methodically crafting a remote work strategy has been torn apart by coronavirus. Here’s how to establish a remote work plan quickly.

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