Adjusting the workplace for returning to work

Now that your establishment may be open, practicing social distancing will still be of utmost importance. Be prepared to make changes to your floor plans, conference rooms, and signage to ensure your employees can abide by social distancing guidelines. Your goal is to create an environment that is safe for all employees.

□ Perform a thorough cleaning of the workplace before you reopen the doors to your employees.

Make sure you communicate to your employees the steps you have taken to ensure their safety.

□ If you share your workplace with other tenants, ensure they are practicing safe and effective social distancing guidelines.

If appropriate, post any building management or local health official’s notices in visible locations throughout your establishment.

□ Ensure your seating and/or workstations are in line with social distancing guidelines, and schedule employees to be in the establishment accordingly.

In alignment with your WFH policy and “Return to the Workplace” schedule, establish proper working conditions for those employees who do come in. Limit the use of conference rooms if the space doesn’t allow for proper social distancing.

□ Be prepared to enable social distancing and good health behavior.

Make sure your establishment is well equipped with enough hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, etc. so your employees can be as comfortable as possible.

□ Develop traffic flow patterns in your establishment.

Just as many grocery stores have implemented during this crisis, consider setting up traffic flow patterns in your establishment. This will help to ensure employees don’t “accidentally” bump into others, and will enable
proper social distancing.

□ Establish guidelines for conducting group meetings.

This will be especially important if you will be meeting in any conference rooms or common areas. Make sure your employees understand social distancing guidelines. Consider labeling conference rooms and commons spaces with occupancy limits and seating arrangements that allow for social distancing.

□ Establish guidelines for any visitors entering your

Post the guidelines to ensure your visitors understand and comply. Don’t forget to communicate the guidelines to your employees.

□ Remind your employees of the recommended social
distancing guidelines.

Place posters throughout your workplace to remind your employees to be diligent with their social distancing.

□ Communicate to your employees the steps you have
taken to ensure their safety.

Keeping your employees informed will be absolutely critical to everyone’s health and safety.

□ Create a reclosure plan.

Ensure you have a plan in place in the event an employee in your establishment shows symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, or if officials close nonessential businesses again due to another wave in the global health crisis

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