Internet Security

Every day Innovated posts different ways to protect yourself and your business from the dangers of the internet.  We all know that password should all be unique and should have capitals etc.  We have had these facts drilled into our heads a million times.  But what is needed behind the scenes to really keep the core of your business safe?  Well, here’s the nitty-gritty of realistic needs for business in 2020:

  • Barracuda Firewall – advanced protection.  Blocks malicious websites, block geographic locations known for illegal activity such as western Europe and China, blocking of phishing emails.
  • Webroot Managed Anti-Virus Software – Gone are the days of relying on users to scan their own computers and report infections.  Managed anti-virus takes the guess work out of malware protection, by keeping up to date and an option to prevent users from disabling protection.  When and if infections occur, an email will be send informing you of the problem.
  • Patch Management – Ensure the latest security patches are installed on computers.  Ransomware protection and detections are natively being included in most patches.
  • Business Continuity Product – This is fancy jargon for a backup.  Sadly, a hard drive just copying over data just won’t cut it.  Weeks could be spend reloading and configuring both servers, or workstations.  In the time you won’t be able to perform your daily tasks.  Have a Business Continuity product to fail over virtually (image-based backups can be run from the cloud or from your office.  They allow you to use your computer, even if your computer is infected or malfunctioning.  Don’t miss out on business just because your computer isn’t functional.
  • Email Backup – Different than your PC or server backup.  Many companies have pop3 (downloading email and storing them on your computer) still in use, which is dangerous given how much people rely on email for day to day activities.  Contacts are also very important, this can be avoided by using Microsoft Office 365, and keeping all contents on their servers.  If your email is ever deleted maliciously or accidentally, and email backup will save the day.

Have a great and safe day!

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