Internet Security Tips

Here are some Internet Security Tips to keep you protected:

Passwords – use passwords that are at least 8 characters long, have a capital, number, and a symbol.  2FA is an amazing way of ensuring only you can access information.

Updates – always use updates operating systems.  Keep your anti-virus patched.  These updates are a response from the manufacturer to threats.

When connecting to public WIFI, use an encrypted VPN client.  This ensures that any snooping done on your connection will be encrypted and unable to be read.

remove old programs and apps that can remain on a computer.  Over time security vulnerabilities can occur.

Be careful what kinds of attachments you click on.  Email is quickly becoming the #1 way that ransomware gets installed.

Limit what information you share online.  This information can often be used to crack passwords etc.

Install anti-virus software on your phone.

Use an adblocker.  Ads can often install malicious programs.

Disable social check-ins.

Be aware of scams.  Generally speaking, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. -Trust no one.  Even your best friends can get viruses!

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